How We Work


M²PG is committed to delivering a systematic approach that creates selling opportunities & closes existing Sales Transactions for your company.

Successful organizations thrive on accountability. M²PG’s SalesDriver™ methodology uniquely combines rigorous processes with extensive industry experience to provide practical solutions that consistently deliver tangible, high impact results. We help the 21st Century Business Aviation Sales Team create and implement processes, tools and capabilities that enable the development of a winning strategy allowing you to effect positive change – grow profitable sales revenue faster than the industry’s growth rate, and more importantly, faster than the growth rate of your competitors.

Our principals first assess the effectiveness of your company’s overall sales strategy. Then we provide guidance and help organize/direct your sales force as necessary to execute that strategy. M²PG develops tactical methods of reinforcement to drive sales strategy and ensure that your sales team is positioned to succeed through all phases of the marketing and sales process, including post sale customer support activities.

M² Performance Group utilizes a unique seven point process to ensure your needs are satisfied.

  • On Site Sales and Marketing Needs Assessment for your Enterprise -- M²PG principals will spend the required time at your facility (generally one - ten days) conducting discovery analysis, including Executive and Operative Interviews, Business Acquisition Process Analysis, Stategic / Tactical Goal Alignment, and Stakeholder Satisfaction Analysis.
  • Tailored Proposal Addressing Your Sales/Marketing Organization’s Needs -- Following the Needs Assessment Process M²PG will submit a detailed proposal and roadmap addressing the actions required to effect positive change.
  • Development of Deliverables -- Interaction with stakeholders to ensure alignment of your organization’s goals and objectives with development of the engagement’s deliverables and implementation plan.
  • Refinement & Formal Presentation of Deliverables -- M²PG principals will coordinate with your Leadership Team to refine deliverables as required and provide a formal presentation to the organization.
  • Program Initiation & Guidance -- M²PG principals will work on-site to assist your team in the initiation of the new processes and provide guidance in integration methods and practices.
  • Direct Involvement as Required with Implementation of Deliverables -- As required or requested M²PG principals will manage the implementation process until it is fully integrated to assure process durability.
  • Final Report of Project Achievement, Initial Results, and Closing Recommendations