What We Do


Our principals first assess the effectiveness of your company’s overall sales strategy.  

We work with you to design and deliver pragmatic improvements tailored to your organization for the short, medium and long term. But M² Performance Group’s emphasis is also on ensuring that improvements are identified, achievable, prioritized and executed. Our customized approach helps clients achieve an uncompromising “revenue/profit/volume” culture through our tools, processes, metrics and analytics. M²PG will help you to identify and execute flawlessly on opportunities for growth while ensuring efficiency.

Then we provide guidance and help organize/direct your sales force as necessary to execute that strategy. M²PG develops tactical methods of marketing and sales support to drive sales strategy and ensure that your sales team is positioned to succeed through all phases of the marketing and sales process, including post sale customer support activities.


Developing the ideal environment for a sales team to be successful starts with a structured approach to setting achievable sales goals and objectives. The next step and key to the sales organization’s success is the development of a highly structured, repetitive process that identifies new opportunities while instilling rigor and discipline for the sales team’s day to day activities. To address this need in today’s dynamic, market-driven environment M2 Performance Group has developed our innovative SRD™ Sales Objectives Planning, Monitoring and Modification Protocol.

 SRD™ Sales Objectives Planning, Monitoring and Modification Protocol

“Adapt or die.”  It’s a well-worn adage that remains descriptive of today’s rapidly changing business environment.  Amazon changed the very essence of retailing by re-creating the modern-day equivalent of the old Sears catalogue.  Marketing and advertising have changed to include a highly individualized social media construct that portends a diminishing role for mass media.  Sales Organizations must also adapt.  To remain successful in a volatile market contemporary Sales Organizations must first utilize a structured process for establishing their yearly Sales objectives and secondly employ a highly disciplined methodology to continuously monitor sales results and make timely adjustments to achieve the plan. The focus of the SRD™ Protocol is to create a tailored enterprise sales planning and modification tool that efficiently determines sales goals, objectives and fine-tuning adjustments for both the enterprise and its individual sales contributors. To accomplish this task SRD™, employs a protocol defined as the Cycle For Success.

  • The SRD™ Protocol provides a tailored, detailed implementation format for a Yearly Goals and Objectives Planning Meeting.  This meeting is organized to enable Sales Management to develop an effective bottom’s-up approach to setting sales quotas by reporting entity. The result is an empirically derived company-wide sales plan that is congruent with the organization's goals/objectives/expectations for the upcoming year.  The Yearly Goals and Objectives Planning Meeting also provides an outstanding venue for interaction and coordination of enterprise partners and stakeholders – Marketing, Finance, Business Operations, and Production.
  • To ensure successful monitoring and modification of the yearly sales plan, SRD™ provides a comprehensive template for a Quarterly Goals and Objectives Planning Meeting.  This meeting held the first week in the financial quarter of cycle provides:
    • A thorough review of the previous quarter’s sales activities, including a post-mortem analysis of key accounts won/lost.
    • Updated market information.
    • Examination of the effectiveness of the previous quarter’s marketing/advertising/sales support programs.
    • Adjustments in sales and or marketing strategy.
    • Adjustments in sales quotas and activities for the coming quarter.
    • And finally, for opportunity specific monitoring and activity management, the SRD™ Protocol provides our clients with SalesDriver™….. a tailored, focused and effective system for a Weekly Sales Prospect Status Reporting Meeting. 


All highly productive 21st Century Sales Organizations have three essential components that transform their Sales Team into a marketplace Superstar. Sales training/proficiency and CRM tools are commonplace and provide two of the three key elements necessary for success. The third and most significant component needed by the organization is a dynamic, culture altering sales management system – one that consistently empowers the Sales Team to routinely employ the principles of exceptional sales performance and thereby maximize the company’s success. This is the function that M² Performance Group’s SalesDriver™ provides for our clients.

How Does M² Performance Group’s SalesDriver™ Methodology Function to Profitably Increase Sales?

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SalesDriver™ is a methodology that focuses on detailed management & accountability for all sales activities from early proposal stage through contract execution and funding.

SalesDriver™ methodology uniquely combines rigorous processes with extensive industry experience to provide practical solutions that consistently deliver tangible, high impact results.

SalesDriver™ provides the sales professional with a step-by-step, disciplined, qualitative process purposed to identify opportunities and accelerate closure. Limited administrative responsibilities from the direct sales representative are required.

SalesDriver™ provides the organization’s Leadership with a highly reliable, quantitative and real-time sales information and forecasting system tailored to the company’s reporting structure.

SalesDriver™ will instill a positive behavioral change in your sales team that imparts: Structure, Process, Rigor, Discipline, and Persistence – all wrapped in a Win Fast / Lose Fast attitude.

M²PG will assist you in transforming your sales team into a dynamic, relentless force that produces sales growth and alters corporate culture. SalesDriver™ is a proven systematic approach to create selling opportunities and close sales. The SalesDriver™ methodology allows the sales team to identify selling opportunities, prioritize each opportunity, and provides a step-by-step progression designed to move the opportunity through the sales process to closure.


M²PG can assist you in developing your Go-To-Market strategy, from strategic marketing branding and positioning to tactical marketing. Strategic Marketing is most often referred to as Corporate Marketing. This is marketing that is executed to create awareness and communicate an overall understanding of the company, its capabilities and resources. Tactical Marketing is all marketing designed and employed to achieve immediate / near-term sales of the company’s products and services as the number one priority.

M²PG can assist in integrating your company’s tactical marketing and sales approach for maximum effectiveness, developing a short-term (quarterly) tactical marketing process and understanding the elements of short-term incentives to action.  Our innovative TalkTraxprocess ensures that the message you need to convey to the marketplace is delivered correctly the first time every time.


In today’s world, communication is continuous and a key factor to success.  Social media and technology have ramped up the ability to transmit a message around the world to millions of people in a matter of minutes.  The idea of a news bite or an event immediately “going viral” was simply impossible just a few years ago.  So, how do you ensure that your company, or your sales team, can fight through the persistent noise and effectively communicate the messages that you want to convey?  At M² Performance Group, we have created a systematic communications process to assist you -- TalkTrax™.

TalkTrax™ are important because they serve as the basis of an organization’s branding and marketing efforts.  They should be reflected in all written and spoken communications. TalkTrax™ helps you:

·       Prioritize and define information

·       Ensure consistency, continuity and accuracy

·       Stay focused when speaking/communicating with the media, clients or stakeholders

TalkTrax™ reflect the main points of information you want your audience to hear, understand and remember.  They are bite-sized summations that articulate what you do, why you do it, how you are different, and what value you bring to stakeholders.  TalkTrax™ provide the takeaway headline of the issue you want to communicate.

TalkTrax™ helps you identify your communications goals and tailor your messaging to specific events such as press conferences, media events, trade shows, sales presentations, etc.

TalkTrax™ ensures that your messaging is consistent and accurate throughout your communications team.

TalkTrax™ empowers your team to consistently answer difficult questions and provide supporting facts, figures and statistics that add credibility to your messaging.

TalkTrax™ enables you to present your team in the most favorable light – strengthening their professional presence by enhancing their ability to confidently answer questions and supply information in a knowledgeable, conversational format that clearly and consistently delivers the messaging you want to convey.

TalkTrax™ -- Consistent, Effective Messaging


M²PG utilizes our many years of experience in the industry to assist you in assessing/developing a Customer Service & Support Plan that will enable your Team to become a world-class product service and support organization. Elements of consideration most often include: Warranty Programs and Administration, Customer Delivery Process, Spares Support, Technical Support/Documentation, Simulator & In Plane Pilot Support Options, Mobile Product Support Teams, Document Control Strategies, Service Center Strategy, Scheduled Maintenance Issues, Unscheduled Maintenance Issues, Customer Advocacy Function, Customer Communications Center, and Customer Advisory Council.